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Will Drinking Water Help Your Hair?
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What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair?
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Does Hair Color Expire?
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Is mineral oil bad for hair?
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Relaxed Hair Care
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pH Balanced Shampoo: Everything You Need To Know
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How To Grow High Porosity Hair
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How To Get Yellow Out Of White Hair
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What Is A Hair Cuticle?
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Hard Water and Hair
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Hair Texture Changes 101
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Living With An Oily Scalp + Dry Ends
#unfair, right?
How To Detangle Hair (And Prevent Them In The Future!)
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Smelly Scalp: Why Does It Happen, and How Can You Fix It?
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How Long Do Highlights Last?
and how can you get the most out of your highlights post-service?
How To Tell If Your Hair Is Damaged
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Heat Trained Hair 101
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Comb vs Brush | Which Is Better For Hair Health?
Comb vs brush - which tool wins in protecting hair health?
How much shampoo to use? Probably less than you think.
We've all been shampooing wrong this WHOLE TIME.
How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back?
How long does it take for hair to grow back after a bad cut?
Is Hair Alive?
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Why Does Hair Turn Gray?
...and how do you know if your hair will go gray? Can you prevent it? Should you dye gray hair? We've got all these answers, plus more.
How Often Should Men Wash Their Hair?
...and do you need to even wash your hair in the first place? (spoiler alert: yes you do)
How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?
Pro tip: Never EVER skip conditioner, unless you really want to damage your hair.
What does purple shampoo do? Your biggest questions, answered.
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Is DIY Hand Sanitizer Safe?
Nope, it's really not. Please wash your hands instead.
Does Shampoo Expire?
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Stress & Hair Loss: 4 Fast Facts
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Why is Formulate Paraben Free?
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How Do I Repair Split Ends?
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What's the Best Way to Dry My Hair?
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Dry Hair: What Is It and How Do I Fix it?
What You Need to Know About Transitioning to Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Consider this your ultimate guide to the sulfate-free journey ✅