Jul 8, 2019

Dry Hair: What Is It and How Do I Fix it?


Is your hair frizzy and lacking shine? You're likely suffering from dry hair!

Dry hair occurs when your hair is unable to retain a sufficient amount of moisture. Your hair needs moisture in order to remain strong and healthy - dry hair is prone to brittleness and breakage.

Some people have naturally dry hair, but others experience dryness due to a variety of external and internal factors. These can include:

  • Living in a windy, hot, and/or dry area
  • Often swimming in chlorinated or salt water
  • Washing with harsh shampoos
  • Frequently dying or chemically treating your hair
  • Styling your hair with heat-based tools
  • Not eating a nutritious enough diet

Basically, if you're a competitive swimmer with purple hair who lives in Nevada and uses sulfate-based shampoos and a hair dryer on a daily basis and also eats cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... well, you've probably got some pretty dried out hair!


But never fear! Our team at Formulate is here to help. When taking our hair quiz, not only will you be able to indicate how dry you believe your hair is, you'll also be able to let us know the climate of your location, if you currently use sulfate-based products, if you dye your hair, and if you use heat-based tools to style your hair. All of these questions allow for us to create a unique formula just for you to rehydrate and revitalize your hair!


If you have any other life circumstances that might be leading to dry hair, like being a swimmer, requiring a restrictive diet, or a medical condition that causes dry hair as a side effect, message us while taking the hair quiz and let us know! We'll be able to get your unique circumstances factored into your formulas.


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt
Tammy Lisi
Lead Chemist