Frequently Asked Questions
More questions about the Formulate personal chemistry service? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you are already a customer, be sure to login to the app and chat directly with your chemistry team!
What makes Formulate different?
Formulate is the world's first personal formulation chemistry service. With Formulate, you are paired with a personal chemist that will not only design your unique initial formulas, but will also make adjustments along the way based on your feedback. With a personal chemist and the Formulate manufacturing platform, you will be able to find your optimal routine and formulations.

Additionally, Formulate freshly mixes each individual formula from the ground up. We do not use standard shampoo & conditioner bases like many other "personalization" companies. Because of this, we provide an unmatched level of customization, product evolution, and individualized service.
How do I contact you?
Email our team anytime at

If you are a customer, download and login to the Formulate app to chat directly with your team.
How can I collaborate with you?
We are always looking to connect with others who are excited about the Formulate movement! Feel free to apply below.

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Shipping & Subscription
How do I give formulation feedback to my chemist?
Your chemist will check in with you through the Formulate app after you have used your formulations for 1-3 weeks. He/She will send you a few questions to answer about your latest formulations.

Once your feedback is submitted, your team will review your notes and get back with you. If formulation changes are needed, your chemist will make adjustments prior to your next refill.

Of course, you can also chat with your personal chemistry team anytime through the app. If you have not downloaded the app yet, please do so here.
How do I adjust my hair goals and/or scent?
You can update your hair goals and scent in the Formulate app under the "Settings" tab.

Anytime you make an adjustment to your settings, your chemist is notified of the changes and will make the appropriate updates to your formulas.
I didn't want a refill - can I cancel my order?
Formulate is a subscription-based service, so it is best to reschedule or cancel the order before it's processed (you'll receive a message reminding you about your upcoming order well in advance). If the order has been processed, please message our team right away! Due to the customized nature of our products, we cannot cancel the order or apply a refund after your order has been freshly dispensed.
I'm not confident that my formulas are the right fit. What can I do?

As a personal chemistry service, we're here to support you in your journey to healthier hair, scalp, and skin. Many factors can play a role in how you respond to your initial formulas, such as your current routine, other products, and the overall state of your hair, scalp, and skin. Your formulation team will be available to help you acclimate to your new products.

If you're not satisfied with your initial formulas, your team will work with you to make adjustments to your routine and/or your formulas. If you decide you don't want a re-formulation we're happy to process a full refund. Please note, by choosing the one-time free reformulation, we will be unable to refund the original purchase. Refund and re-formulation requests must be made within 30 days of delivery.

Accessories (EX. scalp massagers, and hair turbans) and gift cards as well as purchases made with gift cards are non-refundable.

Scalp serum and skin care items may be returned if unused for a full refund. Return shipping is at the cost of the customer, and the item must be returned before the refund can be processed.

Does Formulate ship worldwide?
Not yet...but not because we don't want to! It's a lengthy process getting all our ducks in a row to be able to ship outside of the U.S., but rest assured - we're working on it. You can help us out by letting us know where you're located!
How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Great things take time :) Please allow 7 business days to custom formulate, dispense, and ship your order. We use USPS priority mail for all shipments. Barring holidays, a weather event or other circumstances out of our control, your bottles should arrive within 3 business days of being shipped. We will send you a notification with your tracking information when your package leaves our lab.

Formulate is not responsible for packages once they've been received by USPS. That said, we will do what we can to help. If you're having issues receiving your package, please first contact USPS. If they are unable to assist, feel free to reach out to our support team and we will do what we can to resolve the issue.

Products & Ingredients
Do your products contain silicones?
Your personal chemist can build formulas with or without silicones. If you wish to avoid them completely, we have provided an option for silicone free in the questionnaire.
What are the bottles made of?
Formulate bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastic (PET), and are denoted as such on the bottom of each bottle.
Are your products safe for color-treated hair?
Yes! Be sure to select Color Protection as one of your hair goals. Your chemist will use a very gentle sulfate-free surfactant (cleanser) that is ideal for color-treated hair.
I'm allergic to xyz. Can I use Formulate?
Please let you chemist know (at the end of the questionnaire) about your allergies. In most cases your chemist will be able to build formulas that exclude your allergies. If not, we will cancel and refund your order.
I have oily hair and/or scalp! Can Formulate help with that?
Traditional shampoos use high doses of potent surfactants (cleansers) that strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. While you may feel great immediately after showering, over time your scalp begins to overcompensate by producing even more oil. It's somewhat counter-intuitive, but you actually need a more gentle cleansing shampoo formula to make your scalp produce less oil and correct the problem.

Your Formulate chemist will help to balance the scalp and regulate sebum production. It's possible that you may experience more oiliness in the beginning of your transition; however, stick with it and your hair & scalp will thank you for it!
Can Formulate stop hair loss/increase hair growth?
We cannot make the claim of hair regrowth nor do we promote any of our ingredients or products to reverse hair loss...which is a medical condition.

We do; however, have several active ingredients (saw palmetto fruit extract, sesame seed oil, argan oil, beta-sitosterol, and tocopherol) that have some data to support hair growth and follicle stimulation.
I have dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, or other conditions. Can Formulate help with that?
The Formulate chemistry team carefully considers your scalp health when building a unique formula for you. Formulate is not a medical treatment for any scalp/skin conditions; however, our chemistry team will certainly use ingredients to help boost your overall scalp health.
I'm sensitive to fragrance, do you have a fragrance free option?
Our natural scent options - Freshly Squeezed, Burgeon, and Serenity - are made of aromatic oils from plant extracts and contain NO synthetic fragrances.

If unscented products are your preference, we recommend going with one of our natural scent options in the "light" strength. This will be just enough to help neutralize any unsavory scents that certain raw ingredients have, but should not be noticeably scented.
Are your products all-natural?
Where we can, we use all-natural and naturally derived materials; however, we use some safe synthetic ingredients in an effort to never compromise on efficacy or sensory experience.
Is Formulate cruelty-free?
Formulate does not conduct testing on animals, nor do we work with suppliers who do. We do not sell our products anywhere that animal testing is required by law.
Are your products gluten-free?
We do use yeast extract in some formulas; however, your personal chemist can build your formulas without gluten. If you wish to avoid gluten completely, we have provided an option for gluten free in the questionnaire.
Do your products contain alcohol?
Only fatty alcohols (such as cetearyl alcohol).
Is Formulate sulfate-free?
Sure is! Compared to sulfate-based shampoos, sulfate-free shampoos can feel a little different. Your formulas may foam a little less and require extra water to work it in and to rinse it from your hair.
Are your products vegan?
We currently have keratin, lanolin, and collagen in our ingredient database that may be selected for your formula. If you prefer that your formulas are made using only vegan ingredients, please indicate so at the end of the questionnaire.
Where are Formulate products made?
Formulate products are made and dispensed in the U.S. All of our ingredients are sourced within the U.S.
What is included in each shipment?
Each Formulate shipment includes the following:
  • One bottle of customized shampoo
  • One bottle of customized conditioner
  • Two pumps (8oz and 14oz sets only)
  • One "Personal Care Passport" that details the current state of your hair, your goals, your specific formulation plan and a full ingredient list.
  • Your personal chemistry team. We couldn't all fit in the box but we're here for you.
How much does it cost?
14 oz set of shampoo and conditioner (includes 2 pumps) costs $49.00.

8 oz set of shampoo and conditioner (includes 2 pumps) costs $39.00

4 oz starter set of shampoo and conditioner costs $19.95

Free shipping on all orders
Do you have purple (debrassing) shampoo and/or conditioner?
Yes! If you want a purple (debrassing) shampoo select the appropriate option when completing the questionnaire. Currently we offer purple (debrassing) shampoo only.