Jan 17, 2020

Blue Highlights: 40 Stunning Examples

pink highlights = so last year 🙄

Need some #hairspiration for your next stylist visit? We've gathered a HUGE variety of incredible blue-toned high and low lights that we're sure will knock your socks off. Keep scrolling to find one that's perfect for you!

1. Light blue on honey-brown

2.  Cobalt blue on cool blonde

3.  Egyptian blue on silver-grey

4. Baby blue on black

5. A hint of  bice blue on silver

6. A touch of denim-blue on black

7. True blue on black

8. Denim blue on black (and peep those eyes!)

9. Capri blue on purple-grey

10. Tiffany blue on ice blonde 

11. A smidge of blue on black

12. Neon blue on black

13. Tufts blue on silver 

14. Wavey denim blue

15. Turquoise on silver

16. Byzantine blue bob

17. Royal blue on jet black

18. Dodger blue and iris blue on silver

19. Cerulean on oxford blue

20. Baby blue on pink and black

21. Tiffany blue on blonde

22. Robin egg blue on brown

23. Iris and bondi blue on silver

24. Majorelle blue on true blue

25. Dodger blue bobbed

26. Denim blue on sterling black

27. Kinky blue on blonde

28. Braided blue and grey

29. Slate blue on space blue

30. Purple and ultramarine on charcoal black

31. Light navy blue on silver

32. Dark navy blue on black

33. Electric blue on ice blonde

34. Duck blue on silver

35. Fluorescent blue on black

36. Savoy blue on resolution blue

37. Teal on space cadet on black

38. Navy blue on black 

39. Ice blue on light silver

40. And finally, neon blue and periwinkle on ice blonde

Now... how can you choose only one?

Have fun!


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt