Oct 18, 2019

The Halloween Hair Inspo You Need To Look Fab This Year

Because hair is where the horror is, amiright?

~spooky szn~ is here at long last and honestly it could NOT have come soon enough - who else is SO ready for some candy n' fun???


Whether you're prepping for a casual work halloween party or tryna find a creepy cute look for a big night out, we've got you covered with our ~creepy collection~ of halloween inspired do's. Let's get spooky-fabulous! 😉

Creepy, Cute, & Crawly

True fact- Halloween is the ONLY time of year when you would possibly want to have it look like you've got insects in your hair. This lil' guy is simultaneously absolutely precious (look at that toothy smile!) and completely creepy because HE IS STILL A GIANT SPIDER ON YOUR HEAD. Total Halloween win-win.

Of course, you don't actually HAVE to put a fake insect in your hair. The implication of one having left a web there is equally as spooky. Also - this method leaves a whole bunch of room for geometric design coolness. Get creative & modernist!

You can also go for a structured spidery veil, like this head of hair on the right! Even outside of the rainbow hair, this look is very kitschy-Halloween-Coachella and we sooo dig it 😍

Aaaand you don't have to do spiders if they're not your thing! Rock a different type of bug instead - may we suggest this super cute butterfly look as a jumping off point?

Harvest Goddess Hair

The nature-y goddess vibe is a tried and true method for the budget-conscious yet still fabulous Halloween goers amongst us. As long as you're comfy teasing up and/or braiding your hair and clipping in some fake (or real, if you can find them!) flowers and leaves, you're pretty much good to go. Pair with a long flowy dress and you're sure to stun everyone you see!

OR, if you're into a more everything-is-dead-and-spikey look, find yourself a crown of branches and spraypaint it black. BOOM, instant easy death queen. You're welcome.

Spooky Skeletons

Skeletal hair headbands and clips are basically the little black dress of halloween hair accessories - they're super versatile and can go in whatever direction you want to push them, be it creepy-cute, minimal, edgy, really whatever you're feeling. And for those of you who have brightly colored hair, skeletal claws look excellently creepy when placed into ~unnaturally colored~ tresses. Spoooooky!

And if you especially want to go the creepy-edgy route, this headband is scary x10. Seriously, please try to find us something equally as spooky and easy, we dare you. This look is also super easy to do at home - grab some twine and mini skeletons from the drugstore, thread them together and boom, scary headband.

Sugary Sweet

Not all of us are scary kinda people, and that's totally okay because you know what Halloween is also all about?


Delicious, DELICIOUS candy.

Glorious, teeth rotting candy. It's what we're all really here for anyway, and the sugary sweet look has TONS of creative potential. Live your dreams, non-scary people!

And if you want to take the super-sweet look even farther - have you heard of temporary neon hair dye? Because it's about to take your candy-flavored halloween hair up to a whole new level 😍 Just be sure to wash it out properly afterwards!

Have fun out there, kids!


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt