Mar 24, 2020

30 Hair Jokes Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

Laughing at hair jokes is good for the scalp, right?

Sometimes, a good giggle is all you really need to make your day a billion times better.

While great products are obviously always essential for a beautiful, bouncy head of hair, we can't forget to care for the person underneath those gorgeous locks!

Spending some time to laugh and be silly every day is important for health and well being; take a minute to have a great big belly laugh and read through these jokes. You deserve it!

1. The classic hair conundrum

"It's like ... you WANT long hair but short hair is so in and trendy rn. But every time you have short hair you want long hair, and when you have long hair you have this wild desire to just CHOP IT ALL OFF. Anyway, have a good day."

2. Don't be like Pavlov. Condition your hair plz.

"Why was Pavlov's hair so messy? Because he didn't condition it."

3. We definitely need this hair emoji

"I need an emoji of a woman in a humid environment who has curly hair and looks completely overwhelmed by everything."

4. TG for good curly hair days

"Yeah, life isn't perfect but my curls sure are"

5. A hair insult for the ages

"What's the worst thing you've done to a person. Mine is when I asked someone if they got a haircut & after they said "yeah!" I said nothing"

6. Well, that's one way to use hair to get a job

"other job applicant: good luck

me: im gonna tell the boss you hate his hair

other job applicant: what

me loudly: I actually like his haircut"

7. Dramatic life? No thanks. Dramatic hair? Yes please.

"The only drama I want in my life is in my hair πŸ˜‰β "

8. Ouch.

"'Mom, your hair predicts the weather. When it sticks up and is crazy, its gonna rain.'

-my 4yo making unwelcome but accurate observations."

9. But seriously, pleeease condition your hair

"I love you like I love my hair. Unconditionally"

10. Peanut butter is basically styling cream, anyway

"STRANGER: I love your hair! What products do you use?

ME: I got peanut butter in it while I was eating breakfast this morning.

11. You tease hair, you make it angry!

"Why was the lady's hair angry?⁠

Because she was always teasing it!⁠⁠"

12. The most dad-ish of hair jokes

"I used to dislike my hair, but now it's growing on me"

13. Who needs the gym?

"Wow how do you get your arms so toned you must be at the gym all the time" and pictures of women with afro-textured hair detangling their curls

14. The perils of hair dye

"My girlfriend wanted to dye her hair red... But she spilled it all over the bathroom.

It looks like someone dyed in there."

15. The cheesiest hair joke you'll ever hear

"What do you call Italian cheese with curly hair? Perm-esan."

16. Do they know that's not very good for hair?

"Why do bees have sticky hair?⁠ They always use honeycombs!⁠"

17. We've all felt this about our haircuts at some point or another

"It's not a haircut, it's a revelation of my true self"

18. How is it even possible that bangs grow so slowly?

"How can a chin hair grow one foot in a day, but I'm still sitting here growing out these Zooey Deschanel bangs I mistakenly cut into my hair 10 years ago?"

19. Bangs are NO JOKE, y'all

"Is it really too much to ask you do a full psychological exam if I walk into your salon and demand you cut my bangs because clearly I was in no mental state to be cutting my bangs and now look at my bangs."

20. Hair stylists really do know all the secrets

"Why are hairdressers never late for work? Because they know all the short cuts!"

21. Ah, the perfect barbershop waiting room joke

"What do you call a group of men waiting for a haircut? A barbercue."

22. Space's greatest hair secrets, revealed at last

"How does the man on the moon cut his hair? ⁠Eclipes it⁠!⁠"

23. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

"Who Did Princess Leia's Hair? (My daughter's joke) Darth Braider"

24. You're gonna wanna deep condition after that hair burn, yeouch

"My girlfriend has started calling my hair 'the economy'. It's begun showing strong signs of a recession."

25. Ah, yes, the classic challenge of making small talk at the barber's

"me: [struggling to think of things to talk about] "so what do you do for a living?" barber: [slowly stops cutting my hair]"

26. The eternal struggle of hairstyling

"Anyone else got 99 bobby pins but can't find one? πŸ€”"

27. Remember this next time your curly-haired friend is late

"having curly hair is like playing a really scary guessing game where you dont know what it's going to do until it does it and the only way to fix it is to take another shower"

28. Is an event really worth ruining your perfect hair-wash schedule???

"a tragedy: when your hair-wash cycle doesn't coordinate w/ an event & you overestimate the amount of time in which your hair can last w/o being washed"

29. Sorry, I can't see you for two months while I grow out my hair

"Sorry I canceled our plans, I'm at an in between hair length right now."

30. This is the truest, most supportive form of friend hair-love

"today i saw two girls holding their friends hair back because it was very windy and she was trying to eat a donut. i love seeing women support eachother"


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt