Apr 29, 2019

These Are the Secrets to Making Your Hair at Least 3x More French

Get the je n'ais se quoi look to your hair that you've always dreamed of.

What makes French hair so distinctly French? It's because of the marvelous attitude of French women; they're actually pretty casual with their daily styling. Okay, maybe not truly casual, but they definitely think about it a whole lot less than American women do. While Americans are always searching for the perfect style, the perfect color, the perfect cut, the French celebrate their hair basically just the way it grows out of their scalps. They embrace the natural state of their hair. Basically, the French look cool and effortless because they are cool and effortless. Their hair vibe is understated, undone, and very, very natural.

French Hair Rule 1 - Wash Infrequently

The majority of French women wash their hair only once every 5 to 7 days. That clumpy roots look that American woman despise for fear of looking greasy or unwashed? The French are into it, and they know how to work it to their advantage. It's called bedhead, darling.

French Hair Rule 2 - Don't Over Style

French hairstyles are meant to be lived in, not to be fussed over. The French way is the relaxed and natural way. Styling gels? No thanks. Hairspray? Nuh-uh. Anything that might weigh down the natural volume of the hair is a definite no-no.


French Hair Rule 3 - Forget the Blow-Dryer

The French are all about letting hair dry into its natural texture, so they usually opt for air drying in the summer and drying with a micro-fiber towel in the winter. It's also pretty normal to sleep on wet hair so that it maintains a more interesting natural texture for the morning.

French Hair Rule 4 - Fingers Instead Of Hairbrushes

French ladies usually don't carry hairbrushes around with them. They brush minimally, opting for a good finger comb instead. Hair flat in the middle of the day? Flip it and lightly massage the scalp with your fingers in order to bring some life back into it.


French Hair Rule 5 - Volume and Movement Are Everything

Americans might love long, shiny, straight hair, but the French are far less into it. They prefer a much more textured and volumized look, with hair that has movement through curls and waves. French hair has bounce and life, and never looks overly tamed.


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt