May 1, 2019

32 Doggo GIFs That Are Actually Our 2k19 Hair Goals

Good hair days for good doggos πŸ•πŸΆπŸΎπŸ©

Let's admit it - sometimes our doggo friends have better hair than we do. TOTALLY unfair, especially since they don't even have to wash their hair, like, ever. But they sure can provide us with #hairspiration! Here are some of our fave doggo GIFs from the far corners of the internet. Which ones are your #hairgoals?

1. This lil floof has the kind of volume we dream of!


And those black ear stripes? So bold. So chic. So effortless.

2. This blonde boo-thang is effortlessly outshining the ANTM contestant he's been paired with


New spin-off idea - America's Next Top Dog Model. Tyra, please get on this ASAP.

3. This cutie can't even see but does he care??? NOPE! #itscalledfashion


We all have to make sacrifices in the name of style **flips hair**.

4. This good girl is more precisely groomed than any human we have ever met. EVER.


And is she a teddy bear or a doggo? Because how could any living creature actually have such a perfectly groomed head of hair?

5. This sweet baby has gorgeous waves and knows how to model them like a ROCKSTAR. Hoomans, plz take note.


She's got the drama of Florence Welch, the poetry of Patti Smith, and the glamour of Joan Jett. When will this doggo be dropping her single?

6. This snuggly boi has mastered the art of perfectly tousled waves without even trying. He's soooo runway ready.


Is he driving to a tropical beach or the runways of Milan? We need to know so we can plan accordingly!

7. This doll is being soooo patient and happy during her haircut and we just wanna snuggle her right the heck now!


Look at that smile! Everyone needs to feel that happy & pampered during a styling session!

8. This fluffy bundle o' joy would make an angel cry, her head is so fluffy.


Heavenly cloud or doggo???

9. This lil sugar snap pea has such amazing hair she goes to the salon like a person! #adulting


So responsible, so grown up!

10. This machismo boy has the fullest stache we have ever seen. All mustached men, plz learn his secrets.


This doggo has a better mustache than Tom Selleck. Change our minds.

11. This fluffy sweetheart has MAGIC hair skills that we've never seen on any living creature before, ever.


We wanna know how to fluff our hair with our ears like that too!

12. This long haired lady looks so wiiiiise and silky! Who's her stylist?


So soft, so snuggly, so pure! She looks like she should be dispensing hair care wisdom from a faraway mountain top!

13. Between her top knot and the wind this darling doggo is dramatic AF and we 100% support all her hopes and dreams


She looks like a majestic sky queen! Doggo mother of dragons, anyone?

14. Pupper or bear cub?? 10/10 would snuggle either way.


Such a small pup, such a big coat of fur!

15. This hot mamma has sass 4 days and is living her best silvery life


And those hints of brown and black in her coat? GOR-GEOUS!

17. This shakey shaker can flip her mane sooooo efficiently that she doesn't even need a hairdryer. #heatfreegoals


Bye bye harsh heat, hello fabulous fur πŸ’–

18. This regal creature is a black and blonde DIVA and we wanna know right now how she pulls the combo off so flawlessly


But also. LOOK AT THAT FACE! Such a smoosh!

19. This ginger cutie is has the mane of a pocket-sized lion. Good boy!


Simba, is that you?

20. Sphere or doggo? Either way, total curly hair goals!


He's so fluffy we could cry!

21. This doggo has the fur equivalent of a Disney princess hairdo... is she more Ariel or Pocahontas tho? We seriously can't decide.


Honestly, she's more of a queen than a princess anyway πŸ˜‰ Maybe Elsa?

22. This boyo is so good he needs his own special comb to maintain his fluffy locks <3


Customized hair care=everything, riiight?

23. This baby doll is bringing back the early 2000's style crimped hair and is pullingπŸ‘ itπŸ‘ offπŸ‘


Lizzie McGuire vs. this doggo - who wore the crimps better?

24. This lil guy is so floppy, yet so elegant!


The black ears with the grey fur? We wish we could be that daring!

25. This sandy-haired sweetheart is bouncy hair goals! Or even just bouncy goals!


She's so happy and hoppy and bouncy and boopable!

26. This lil feller has a huge beard and is probably a mountaineer in his spare time


A full, luxurious beard like that will keep your face warm in the coldest of climates!

27. This blondie can flip her hair with the best of us


Look at that expression on her face! She knows she's #worthit

28. This audacious lil' prince has a magnificent mane and isn't afraid to show it off as he trots!


The bi-color shaved look? Totally daring. We RESPECT this unconventional doggo style!

29. This fluffy redhead is the pinnacle of satisfying doggo GIFs


Look at those perfectly shaken waves! So circular! So flowy! Basically the doggy version of ASMR.

30. Look at these twin softie beasts! And who is that magnificent floof in the background??? We wanna seeeee!


Can we get all three of these good pups sent straight to our office to hang out?

31. This bearded pup is #straighthairgoals. Legs so smol, fur so shiny!


She's basically levitating on those furry little legs

32. Aaaand finally, the flowiest/fluffiest jump you will probs ever see. 10/10 jump, 10/10 style!


Such a feat of athleticism! Even if the Masters Agility Championship doesn't work out, this doggo could still #ownit at both the doggo olympics and on any runway!


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt