Sep 20, 2019

The Best Shower Design Trends You'll See This Year

Considering a bathroom makeover? Avoid a serious design faux-pas and check out our review of the latest shower trends first!

This has been an excellent year in bathroom design. We're living in the glory age of wall-mounted toilets, floating vanities, side-mounted faucets... interior design aficionados everywhere, rejoice!

HOWEVER, we can't help but notice that shower trends have gotten a serious lack of attention and that is a darn shame 😢. Exciting things are happening with shower design, but for some crazy reason no one abuzz with sudsy excitement! Too distracted by marble bathtubs , perhaps? We've decided to take things into our own hands and bring 'em back into the media spotlight - here are our favorite shower design trends thus far this year!

1. Shower Windows & Skylights

Giant shower windows and skylights have been all over the 'gram this year and it's not hard to understand why - though not the most practical option, they do look crazy cool, and are therefore perfect for social media. Ahhh, showering with a view... now that would be dope.

BUILD TIP: Love the idea of showering with a view but concerned about possible peeping toms? Privacy films will save the day! You can install them directly onto the window and shower in peace. 🚿☮️

2. Blue Shower Tiles

The era of interior grey is coming to an end! Blue tile is all the rage in showers right now, and for good reason too. Studies have shown that blue can facilitate feelings of tranquility and peace, allowing for an overall calmer mood. Pale sky blues in particular are said to slow rapid heart rates and reduce blood pressure. Bye bye, stress!

3. Pink Shower Tiles

Wanna know what other color is associated with peacefulness and tranquility? PINK! Fun fact - the opposing team's locker room at Kinnick Stadium (the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes) is painted a pleasant, soothing pink, in order to chill out opposing players before they even hit the field. We're not sure if it actually affects the players or not in any substantial way, but it does provide for a great bathroom aesthetic!

4. Minimalist Industrial Showers

Do you hate clutter? Is deep-cleaning the bathroom one of your guilty pleasures? The minimalist industrial shower scene might be for you! Don't be fooled by the word industrial, this look takes true dedication (a stray towel left hanging about really throws off ~the lewk~) but if you've got a passion for cleanliness this shower design could be your dream come true 😍

5. Natural Matte Wood Showers

Wanna know what wilderness experts and spa-aficionados have in common? THEIR LOVE OF WOODSY SHOWERS. Natural matte wood can both bring a wonderful one-with-nature experience to any room, and can make every shower feel like a trip to the spa.

BUILD TIP: Considering integrating wood directly into your shower? Be sure that you do so with caution - the last thing you'll want is for water to leak through your panels! Be sure to use proper backing and check in with your local boating store to learn about marine grade sealers.

6. Old-Timey Industrial Showers

Something old is something new these days! If you're into this year's industrial vibes but also want something a bit more classic, you're in luck. Sutbley old-timey shower designs are on the up and up in design circles, and we've got no doubt this sense of nostalgia will continue into the future. Intrigued but unsure where to start? White tiles, curtains, exposed plumbing, dark paint choices, and plants can all help bring a sense of a bygone era to any bathroom!

7. Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosures (AKA Wet Rooms)

It's already a norm of European bathroom architecture to have the toilet in a separate room from the bathtub... but what if you had your walk-in shower in a separate, glassed-off area that's large enough to be a room all on its own? Behold, the Wet Room concept. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, It's an awesome strategy to create a HUGE shower space without making the rest of your bathroom feel smaller!

8. Statement Shower Tiles

Wanna ~art up~ your bathroom walls without having to worry about original pieces getting water-damaged? Turn your shower into a piece of art all on its own! Creative and unusual shower tiling is an excellent way to spice up your bathroom in a tasteful yet unexpected way.

BUILD TIP: If you really wanna get fancy, check out a local vintage or thrift store for antique tile art that you can install yourself! Just be sure to properly seal, clean, and care for these beauties to prevent water damage. When in doubt, talk to a tile expert or ceramicist to identify the type of tile material and how you can make it last!

9. Nature Showers

Is your shower space feeling a little too utilitarian? Bring on the plants! Many houseplants thrive in high-humidity environments, so being next to (or in!) your shower can really extend their lifespans. Beyond adding some pretty greenery and extra oxygen, plants can also help filter stinky bathroom odors. They're a win all around!

Happy decorating!


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt