Jul 1, 2019

33 IG Bathtubs That Make Us Dream of Bathtime

Sorry, I'm actually never leaving my bathtub again πŸ›€

1. Hi, yes we would like this stone bathtub delivered ASAP.

And can the wood paneling be included? Because HELLO at-home sauna!

2. An excellent bathtub design choice for simultaneous relaxation and garden-watching.

Gotta keep an eye on those pesky rabbits, ya kna?

3. Bathtub on a wooden floor = major interior design power move.

Challenging both in practicality and in aesthetics, daaang! πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™


A creation worthy of Ron Swanson himself.

5. Ever wanted to take a bath in the middle of the ocean??? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Bonus points for immediately being able to swim in the neighboring pool afterward.

6. Bathtub solution for when you're lacking square footage - get one that's deep!

Don't let a small bathroom prevent you from unwindulaxing in style!

7. The steps and the wall of greenery make this bathtub extra fancy.

It's like the other garden-watching bathtub but WOWEE this time the garden is INSIDE!

8. The ideal tub for the person who demands that every surrounding surface sparkles. ✨

Those claw feet are everything.

9. If you're super into French Victoriana but also being clean, this bathtub setup is 10/10.

Relaxed but also fancy as heck? Yes please.

10. Minimalism, meet bathtub.

But where do I put all my product bottles??? OH WAIT. I only have one set 😏

11. Giant jacuzzi + candles + tv + sauna = absolute heaven

Add a fridge and you can probably spend your entire life relaxing in this blessed room.

12. We're pretty sure that you're only allowed to bathe in this bathtub if you've already conquered the entire city of London.

Behold, the bathtub version of the Iron Throne.

13. Uh, can all future cosmetic chemistry conventions take place at the Four Seasons so we can all experience this MASTERPIECE of a bathtub???

Do you have to bring your own water lilies? Or are they provided with the tub? #seriousquestions

14. This is absolutely the ideal bathtub of every yogi, ever.

We feel 5% healthier just LOOKING at it. Byyyye toxins. πŸ‘‹

15. If you have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to your bathtub you're probably winning the game of life.

Every royal ever needs one of these instead of a throne.

16. We never realized the importance of bathtub skylights until this exact moment. 😲

And that in-ground bathtub? MAGNIFICENT.

17. This is Mandy Moore's bathtub and it's perfect, just like her.

Because, hello, have you SEEN Tangled???

18. Is this bathtub actually a Mr. Clean commercial?

That's one heck of a spotless tub.

19. We're actually so stunned by the beauty of this bathtub that we can't think of a caption to express its magnificence. 🀯

**sobs quietly over bathtub perfection**

20. All your baths will be ~smooth sailing~ with this bathtub!

Get it? Because it's on the ocean! And boats go on the ocean!

21. Excellent solution for lack of bathroom bathtub space - install one in your living room!

Unless... is that their actual bathroom? OMG.

22. This egg-shaped tub is a magnificent piece of contemporary sculpture.

πŸ“žHi, is this MOMA? Did you lose one of your sculptures?

23. ~soak~ in the view with this sick jacuzz'.

Is this real life?!

24. Is that a BALCONY BATHTUB???

Two of life's greatest pleasures, combined. The future has arrived.

25. Behold, the marble tub to end all other marble tubs.

Aaaaand another view. We get it, already!

26. Why have a mere window SEAT when you could have a window TUB???

The Italians are CLEARLY onto something with this one.

27. A super low key way to tell people that you like art history - have a 16th-century Dutch style flower mural painted above your bathtub.

Literally everyone will ask you if you studied Art History in college - what a great conversation starter!

28. Excuse me, is that an infinity pool or a bathtub?

Either way please give me the address immediately so I can go swimming πŸŠπŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

29. Want to experience true synergy? Put a bathtub in your bedroom.

Hello, infinite loop of bed➑️bathtub➑️bed➑️bathtub!

30. Uh, was this woodsy bathtub lifted from the movie set of Twilight?

Watch out, there could be vampires hiding in that tub!

31. You're not a real supervillain until you take a bubble bath in this nefarious tub.

Side note - is this Barney Stinson's bathtub?

32. The perfect bathtub for the ~brooding~ bather.

If it turns out that Hemingway was inspired to write The Sun Also Rises in this bathtub I would be 0% surprised.

33. Aaaaand finally, the bathtub with a giant mirror for the person who knows that they are just fabulousπŸ•ΆοΈ

If you got it, flaunt it, amiright??


The Formulate Team

Caroline Schmidt