Yep, it's possible now.

Shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you - that evolves with you. Formulated based on your hair and environment. Thank you technology.

We're changing everything.
A Formula Just For You
We brought industry-leading chemists & engineers together to create technology that formulates based on your unique characteristics and the efficacy of our growing list of ingredients.
That Evolves With You
Yea, there's an app for that now πŸ“±. Adjust your formulation settings & provide feedback to our chemists through our mobile app. We all need a pocket cosmetic chemist in our lives πŸ‘Œ
Preservative free.
Sulfate free.
Paraben free.
Cruelty free.
Bonus round: Less water, & more of what matters. Sourced based on peer reviewed scientific studies. Good for you, good for your hair, and good for this great big ball 🌎 we’re all living on.